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Communicate Wheelhouse to Engine Room

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The Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) is an equipment used to communicate speed orders from the Wheelhouse/Bridge to the Engine Control Room (ECR) or Engine Room as well as receive replies from the ECR/ER to Wheelhouse.


  • Single or twin screw operation. Triple screw configurations also possible
  • Multiple stations
  • Reliable Bi-directional serial communication between stations
  • Dimmer
  • Membrane keypad
  • Lamp test
  • Sounder and Flasher (Engine Room Panel)
  • Rugged Design & Construction


Commands are initiated by pressing the respective command buttons on the wheelhouse panel. These commands are transmitted via a two-wire serial interface to the engine room panel. The engine room stations will blink the corresponding LEDs and activate the beacon and siren until the command is acknowledged. The LED will then stop blinking and the alarm is muted.

Power Supply :24 VDC
Commands/Orders10 + 2 Orders
Full Ahead
Half Ahead
Slow Ahead
Dead Slow Ahead
Finished with Engine
Dead Slow Astern
Slow Astern
Half Astern
Full Astern
Bridge Control
Functions:Lamp Test, Dimmer
Alarm Type :Visual Indication (LED),
Audible Alarm (Buzzer)
Visual Indication (LED), Audible Alarm
Protection:Fused, Communication Link Failure Notification
Communication Type:Bi-Directional Serial Communication Link
Temperature :
-20 to 50 degC
Operating Relative
0 to 95% (Non-Condensing)
Finishing:Matt-Black, Poly-Carbonate
EOT: Matt-Black Poly-Carbonate Laminate
Encloure: Mild-Steel, Epoxy Powder-Coated
Mounting:Flush Mount Bulkhead / Wall-Mount
Dimensions:H310 x W150 x D30 mm H470 x W250 x D150 mm
Weight:0.6 kg 5 kg