Sewage treatment systems

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Sewage treatment systems

The BLUE SEA system is a new-generation waste water purifier capable of treating from 2500 to 22000 litres a day.

This completely automatic, technologically advanced system is equipped with a special chemical/physical laboratory where waste water is purified, triturated, sterilized, all in accordance to the enforced norms regarding the discharge of waste water into the sea.

In fact, a BLUE SEA waste water treatment system guarantees the elimination of bacterial pollution through an oxide/reduction process and, most of all, drastically reduces TSS, BOD5, COD, turbidity and the organic and physical pollutants in waste water produced on boat thanks to a fine purification system.

With BLUE SEA it is now possible to discharge waste weater directly into the sea with full respect for the environment and compliance with current standards, at the same time avoiding heavy and inconvenient waste collection tanks and long drainage procedures in authorized ports.

BLUE SEA series purifiers are compact and assembled on a solid stainless steel structure that guarantees the maximum reliability and long life; because of their small size and versatility, compared to traditional systems, they can be installed in all applications where the available space is limited.

The menagement of the system and the various purification steps are handled by a latest-generation PLC that coordinates and constantly monitors its operations.

The unit allows the user to control all its operating parameters, making control of its plumbing and electrical systems simple.